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  Call me. I'm cooper.Capture the moment carry cups.crop photos from crusty the clown. Curtsy to my fellow people.Care,calm,collect your clench. Circle a cool breeze. Cradle a hug. Coach combine an calculate call the rulls.Complane an you won't be a champion. challenge the category. Captain crunch with cookie crisp. Crash a can cure a crane. An connect to contact me. Cookie cookie cans of crunch captain o captain. crunch crunch crunch.

goup work..
Different families,  share similarities

(At home,  Were everything takes place),

Generation from generation passed on  follow new orders
hatred makes them not pure.

both families  of these two enemy's

confused lovers commit suicide;

there misfortune misery was overthrown

by ending their lives the families forget about there foes

they died for there love.

remained fighting

there love for one another could not be removed

is now are entertainment for our stage

which we should take the time to attend

what we miss our minds shall wonder...


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